Chapters are designed for effective learning.

Developed for pet retailers by pet experts.

Pet Store Pro offers 24 chapters to teach sales associates, managers and owners essential skills. Brand-neutral content covers important topics for pet retailers, from full-line stores to specialty boutiques. Each chapter is designed for convenience, flexibility and ease of use.

  • Focus on the products you sell and the skills your people need.
  • Assign only the chapters that apply to your business.
  • Train at the store during downtime, at home or in between.
  • Study online or print study guides for offline use.
  • Notify students of new assignments with instant emails and system messages.
  • Improve understanding and retention with interactive knowledge checks.
  • Download worksheets to practice what you’ve learned and for future reference (certain chapters only).

Students can apply what they’ve learned on the job, right away:

  • Troubleshoot common problems.
  • Answer frequently asked questions.
  • Match the pet or product with the customer.
  • Take care of the animals in your store.

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