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Matt Varela

Liz’s Pet Shop, Chicago, Illinois

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Tom George

Pet Culture, Guleph, Ontario

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Dennis Golas

Dave’s Soda & Pet City, Springfield, Massachusetts

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Linda Morrison

J&M Aquatics & Pet Center, Grand Junction, Colorado

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Rochelle Anderson

Mighty Pet, Menominee, Michigan

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Nancy Seder

Magoo’s Pet Outlet, Burton & Flint, Michigan

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Dorothy Hunter

Paws Natural Pet Emporium, Richland & Kennewick, Washington

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Michael Carroll

Healthy Pets Northwest, Portland, Oregon

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Leah Watkins

Aquarium in Knoxville, Knoxville, Tennessee

“I love the Pet Store Pro videos from Global Pet Expo. They are full of useful information, including how to make the front of my store more appealing. I’m learning all kinds of things.”

Nicole McCullough

Pet Station, Bridgeport, Connecticut

“Pet Store Pro is phenomenal for people that are new to the industry. It gives my employees the tools they need to succeed on the sales floor — and subsequently, to help my business succeed.”

Don Pittman

Premier Aquatics, Marietta, Georgia

“I’ve been in this industry for more than 20 years and I didn’t even know some of the information in Pet Store Pro. It’s a good tool to train my employees on the basics of pet care and customer service.”

Jeanie Parnprome

Pet Supreme, Sylmar, California

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Roxx Tarantini

The PawShop at PawsWay, Toronto, Ontario

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Karen Egert

Karen's Canine Kitchen, Leesburg, Florida

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Linda Dosant

Pet Wise Pet Supplies, Windsor, Ontario

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Matthew Nall

Critter County Junction, Tampa, Florida

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Angela Marie Cutchall

The Pet Store, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

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Beth Ellis

Global Pet Foods, Saint John, New Brunswick