Coaching & Motivating Employees


Build a confident, enthusiastic sales force.

Coaching and motivating are best practices you can use to help employees excel. Coaching can address a problem, such as when an associate's performance doesn’t meet expectations. It can also help associates develop new skills and help star performers do even better.

Each coaching situation is unique. However, most employees' coaching needs can be addressed using a combination of six core techniques to build skills, encourage flexibility and resolve conflict.

After completing this chapter, managers should be able to:

  • Assess associates' coaching needs.
  • Explain the four-step process to help employees build skills.
  • Identify four guidelines for clarifying expectations.
  • Recognize signs of low self-esteem and strategies to boost confidence.
  • Apply the question style of coaching to increase motivation.
  • Describe three ways to encourage employees to be more flexible.
  • Outline a four-step process to help employees resolve conflict.

The Coaching & Motivating Employees chapter introduces six core techniques to prepare new associates for success, address performance issues and help employees excel. Topics include identifying reasons for underperformance, clarifying expectations and addressing problems in ways that motivate and boost confidence.

Estimated time to complete:

  • Online chapter  2 hours
  • Chapter test      35 minutes