Customer Loyalty Program Fundamentals


Get associates on board to make your program a success.

Your store’s loyal customers — your "regulars" — tend to spend more during each shopping trip and over their lifetime as customers. Loyalty marketing programs are designed to encourage new customers to shop in your pet store, persuade regulars to visit more frequently and increase how much buyers spend during each visit.

Whether you are introducing a new or enhanced customer loyalty program, your employees will be responsible for it's day-to-day execution. Your program’s ultimate success will depend on associates understanding their roles and being ready — and willing — to provide essential support.

After completing this chapter, associates should be able to:

  • Understand why customer loyalty matters to your store.
  • Describe what loyalty marketing is and different types of loyalty programs.
  • Outline the specifics of your store’s loyalty program.
  • Enroll customers in your store's program.
  • Explain how to process loyalty transactions.
  • Prepare for loyalty program promotions.
  • Answer customer questions and resolve issues.

The Customer Loyalty Program Fundamentals chapter outlines the benefits of loyalty marketing for retail pet stores and their customers. Topics include understanding the components and benefits of loyalty programs, the associate’s role in a successful program, preparing to launch a loyalty program and selling the program to customers.

The chapter also includes downloadable worksheets to help associates understand the details of your store’s loyalty program and prepare them to troubleshoot and answer customers’ frequently asked questions.

Estimated time to complete:

  • Online chapter  2 hours
  • Chapter test      40 minutes