Customer Service & Sales

Give customers the help they need.

Today’s customers can buy pet supplies and products at many different places, including mass merchandisers, grocery stores and online. With all of these options, most customers agree that they won’t continue to shop at a store that doesn’t provide good customer service.

Good customer service requires effective communication and proper selling skills. Associates must be able to provide information about the products you sell to help customers make well-informed buying decisions. The skills taught in this chapter will make associates’ jobs easier and more fun. They will also become more valuable employees.

After completing this chapter, associates should be able to:

  • Recognize what customers expect from their shopping experiences.
  • Demonstrate effective sales techniques.
  • Describe the four types of customers and how best to serve them.
  • Define elements of customer satisfaction.
  • Interact with different types of customers.
  • Handle complaints and returns.
  • Explain important components of telephone sales.

The Customer Service & Sales chapter covers the basics of improving service, sales and satisfaction. Topics include making a good first impression, identifying and engaging different customer types, explaining product features and benefits, closing the sale, add-on selling, handling complaints and returns, and telephone sales.

Estimated time to complete:

  • Online chapter  1 hour
  • Chapter test      35 minutes