Managing Customer Service & Sales


Lead your team to success with an effective employee performance management process.

Effective leaders know they can’t achieve their goals alone. Independent pet stores differentiate themselves with customer service, which, in turn, drives sales. To gain a competitive advantage, your entire team must commit to helping your customers have an easy and enjoyable shopping experience so they give you regular repeat business and positive word of mouth.

This chapter will help you manage and improve your store’s customer service and sales performance by using the National Retail Foundation’s Customer Service & Sales Skill Standards (NRF CSS). You will learn the key performance activities related to each standard and how to apply them equally to every employee to instill consistent performance across your team.

After completing this chapter, managers should be able to:

  • Explain why managing customer service is critical to your store’s success.
  • Use NRF CSS Skill Standards (CSS) to define desired behaviors for associates and yourself.
  • Determine and evaluate your store’s CSS performance activities based on defined measurements.
  • Create CSS support systems and processes to ensure success

The Managing Customer Service & Sales chapter explains the elements of the customer shopping experience and how to use a service-friendly selling approach. Scenario-based knowledge checks demonstrate how to have productive performance conversations with employees in order to fix or improve performance gaps. The chapter includes a downloadable workbook with practice activities to help apply lessons to your own store and quick references for descriptions and examples of critical skill functions.

Estimated time to complete:

  • Online chapter 1 hour
  • Chapter test 15 minutes