Pet Nutrition

Help customers make the right pet food choices.

Pet food is a critical item — on your shelves and to your bottom line. For many pet retailers, pet food makes up a significant proportion of total sales and profitability. Although different species have different nutritional requirements, all pets need a balanced diet to thrive. Most stores carry more than one line of food, and many independents differentiate themselves by offering premium formulations.

It’s a choice your customers care deeply about. This chapter will help your associates answer customers’ questions about pet nutrition and help them select from the brands you carry. Brand-neutral content is designed to provide a foundation for additional training by your distributor or manufacturer rep on what distinguishes the brands you carry from those that customers can buy elsewhere.

After completing this chapter, associates should be able to:

  • Explain the information on pet food labels.
  • Identify different types of ingredients and their functions.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the major nutrients and basic nutrition.
  • Compare and contrast different food varieties.
  • Describe how a pet's life stage, size and activity level affect it's nutritional needs.
  • Recommend good nutrition habits and feeding guidelines.
  • Answer questions about hot topics, such as supplements and alternative diets.

The Pet Nutrition chapter covers how to help customers make the right pet food choices. Topics include reading pet food labels, frequently asked questions and hot topics in pet nutrition. Content focuses on dog and cat nutrition but applies to all species.

Estimated time to complete:

  • Online chapter  1.5 hours
  • Chapter test      30 minutes