Pet Retail Basics


Start new hires out right with the fundamentals.

For people who love animals, a pet store is a great place to work. However, pet retail is also a highly specialized business with unique challenges. Your employees may be new or change frequently, but your customers expect to be treated professionally every time they step in the door.

The Pet Retail Basics chapter is designed for new pet store employees, including those who may be starting their very first job. To get new hires off to the right start, Pet Retail Basics teaches retail fundamentals as well as presenting an exceptional service attitude. An in-store activities guide helps new employees apply the course material to your unique store.

After completing this chapter, associates should be able to:

  • Explain how pet stores make money and how store’s profitability affects them.
  • Describe steps to take to protect store profits.
  • Explain the keys to succeed when working at a pet retail store.
  • Outline how to present a professional appearance and positive attitude at work.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the products and services sold in a pet store.

Estimated time to complete:

  • Online chapter  40 minutes
  • Chapter test      10 minutes


Supported Devices: You may take this course on a desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone