Suggestive Selling


Increase total ticket value with four easy techniques.

People who shop at independent pet stores expect to receive knowledgeable advice and useful information. When your associates recommend additional products that add value to a shopper’s original purchase — or suggest items customers may not have realized they needed — they create a positive impression that can boost sales at the same time.

The new “micro” chapter, Suggestive Selling, helps your team make suggestive selling a routine part of their conversations with customers. Associates will learn how to use four easy techniques – cross selling, bundling, upgrading and substituting — to provide great service. Designed to be completed in about 30 minutes, the chapter includes pet-retail-specific tips they can apply right away.

After completing this chapter, associates should be able to:

  • Understand how suggestive selling benefits your customers and your business.
  • Explain when to use the four different suggestive selling techniques.
  • Connect with customers by talking with them, listening and observing.
  • Identify ways to help customers get more value or enjoyment from what they buy.
  • Recognize how to quickly find ideas for suggestive selling opportunities.
  • Demonstrate the proper phrases to use when suggesting items to customers.
  • Recommend relevant add-on items that increase total ticket value and overall sales.

The Suggestive Selling chapter is designed for new and experienced pet store employees. Topics include how suggestive selling enhances customer satisfaction and makes your store more profitable, where to find suggestive selling opportunities in your store, and when to introduce each technique during the sales process.

The chapter also provides interactive knowledge checks and practice guidelines to help your associates become comfortable with the process. Students can also listen to experienced sales associates use each technique to apply lessons quickly.

Estimated time to complete:

  • Online chapter  30 minutes
  • Chapter test      10 minutes