Training for Success


Launch an effective training program quickly using our step-by-step guide.

A well-trained staff separates successful independent retailers from those who just scrape by. People shop at independents for advice about what’s best for their pets. They expect employees to take a genuine interest in their issues and recommend products that resolve them. Customers who trust your team’s expertise will spend more, come back more often and spread the word about your store to others. But with the many responsibilities of running a business, many retailers can’t find time to train their people properly or don’t know how to start.

The Training for Success chapter outlines the process of implementing a consistent, structured training program to transform entry-level workers into essential, even long-term, employees. Content will help owners and managers gather materials, determine rules and processes, encourage staff to take their training seriously, and introduce the program to your whole team.

After completing this chapter, managers should be able to:

  • Explain how training helps your employees and your store succeed.
  • Develop the content and activities for your store’s training program.
  • Establish procedures for training and administration.
  • Define training incentives that will work for your team.
  • Launch your store’s training program.

Case studies throughout the chapter highlight best practices and lessons learned from real pet store owners who have successfully implemented structured employee training programs that include Pet Store Pro. Topics cover deciding which courses to assign, when and where trainees should study, and how to monitor and reinforce what they learn. The chapter also includes a downloadable workbook with tips and exercises to walk you through the process.

Estimated time to complete online chapter:  1 hour

(No chapter test required)