Maximize the value of training.

Best practices to increase success.

Applying new skills requires motivation and practice. It’s important to take some time post-training to help associates transfer their knowledge to the sales floor and to recognize and reward their success. Here ways to make training more effective by providing ongoing encouragement and support.

Use these tips to get the most out of training:

  • Assign one staff member the responsibility to make time for training management and administration.
  • Set a schedule for completing assignments, such as one chapter per month.
  • Keep deadlines reasonable to account for different rates of learning.
  • Role play customer scenarios to help employees apply what they’ve learned on the job.
  • Have associates repeat the tests after a few months to see if they’ve improved their skills.
  • Recognize efforts by announcing successful test scores on a bulletin board or at staff meetings.
  • Reward accomplishments with a modest wage increase, gift card, choice shift or scheduled day off.
Tips To Maximize Success